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Welcome to Stories Dad Never Told is an open-source collection of stories that honor the life of my father, former ABC News Correspondent Tom Jarriel, document the ways, both small and large, that his life influenced and impacted other people, and, if I do my job well, inspire others to gather and share stories about their own fathers.

“TJ” as colleagues called him, lives near Annapolis, MD, along with my mother, Joan, and “Skipper,” their beloved Portuguese Water Dog who these days is a bigger star at the marinas than my Dad.  (Ever humble, they prefer it that way).

Dad quietly retired in 2002 as one of the most honored journalists in the history of television news.  His career spanned more than three decades during which he reported on many of the defining milestones of the baby boom era:  The assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr.  The Civil Rights Movement. Vietnam. Watergate.  Famine in Ethiopia. Columbine.  The Challenger and Columbia Disasters.  September 11 attacks. And many more.

TJ’s work was seen by tens of millions of viewers.  Like most journalists of his era, he recognized that every report had the potential to inform, enlighten and cause change.  It’s a responsibility he embraced.  But in ways unspoken to him (and in some cases unseen by him), TJ impacted and influenced those who either knew him professionally or in his personal life.  The same happened in the lives of fans who were inspired, touched and awed by his reporting.

This project and website offer a means for those people to connect back and express their appreciation for my dad’s lifeworks and how their lives were changed by his reporting or by their interactions with him.

It’s the same thing we all do, in smaller ways, most often without intending to do so, or recognizing our alteration of people and events that transpire after we’ve move onto other pursuits.

Hence, what I hope will become the greater good for those who contribute and participate in this undertaking:   That they’ll see their own lives, and those of their fathers in a new way; and write their own Stories Dad Never Told!

– October 5, 2012

Steve Jarriel