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Steve Jarriel


Stephen L. Jarriel a former broadcast journalist who wrote and presented reports on local TV news stations for more than 10-years (including WFSB, a Washington Post-Newsweek flagship in Hartford, CT).  Jarriel currently works as an online video marketing consultant to businesses seeking to use video clips for promotional purposes.  Jarriel has extensive interviewing and research skills as well as a long-held focus on internet marketing.  He graduated from the University of Maryland with bachelor’s degree in communications and minor in journalism.  Steve is the middle of three sons of ABCNEWS Correspondent Tom Jarriel (ret.) and his wife, Joan Borgeson Jarriel.  Stories Dad Never Told is his first literary undertaking.

Jarriel can also be reached at the following ways:

Skype:  stevejarriel
Google+:  steve.jarriel