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The Memoir

The Memoir

The Memoir! is “story-hub” and research tool for a memoir of retired ABCNEWS Correspondent Tom Jarriel who retired in 2002 as one of the most honored journalists in the history of television news. The memoir is being researched and written by Jarriel’s son, Stephen.

Jarriel’s career at ABCNEWS spanned more than three decades during which he reported on many of the defining milestones of the baby boom era: The assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. The Civil Rights Movement. Vietnam. Watergate. Famine in Ethiopia. Columbine. The Challenger and Columbia Disasters. The September 11 attacks. And many more.

Yet Stories Dad Never Told isn’t a retelling of these well-chronicled historical events. Instead, they provide a captivating backdrop as author Stephen L. Jarriel tells his father’s life story—not from the distanced objectivity of a historian, but as a son who weaves a first person account of the discoveries he makes about his dad—and himself—as he researches and writes the Stories Dad Never Told.

Mr. Jarriel is a compelling subject for this memoir. His high-impact reporting was seen by tens of millions of viewers; it affected people who watched as well as events that unfolded in its aftermath.  This motivation bound most journalists of his era who were less driven by a desire to be “stars” than for a story to create change.

But in ways often unintended and untold, Jarriel has also influenced people with whom he grew up, worked, or otherwise know him as a colleague, friend, or family member.  It’s the same thing all people do, but to a lesser degree. In this way, this book and accompanying blog (where the author will document his journey) will strike a chord in other sons and daughters and impel many to rethink their own fathers’ legacy.  And perhaps inspire some to write their own Stories Dad Never Told.


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