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Financial Needs for SDNT is an open-source collection of stories about former ABCNEWS 20/20 correspondent Tom Jarriel, who retired in 2002 as one of the most honored journalists in the history of TV news.  The website also serves as a “story-hub” that provides a fountainhead of sources and material for a memoir of Mr. Jarriel that his son, Stephen, is researching and writing.

In addition to website development and other technical support, funds are needed for research, travel, legal representation, accounting, project management and content development.

No matter what amount, every donation matters and is much appreciated. Although the enterprise is currently not tax exempt, your support will help in two vital ways: 

  1. Ensuring that funding is in place so this important project is completed in a timely manner; and
  2. Fulfilling its larger mission of inspiring others to gather and write Stories Dad Never Told about their fathers!

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