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Ways To Contribute

Ways To Contribute

Ways to Contribute

The essence and wellspring of lies in the recollections and memories of family, friends, former colleagues, and fans of former ABCNEWS 20/20 Correspondent Tom Jarriel.

A humble, kind man, who to this date remains uncomfortable taking the spotlight from others or talking about his own accomplishments, Jarriel never sought to influence or alter the lives & outlooks of other people.  Nonetheless, he did.  In ways that rippled and reverberated far beyond his awareness, intent and understanding.

The primary mission of is to document ways both large and small, short-term or long-lasting, that Jarriel made a difference in the lives of others. And in the process, inspire other sons and daughters to gather and publish Stories about their own fathers.

So if you have an anecdote to share, or a picture from your personal archive, or if you’d like to participate in a recorded interview with website editor and curator Stephen Jarriel, please get in touch by completing the form below.


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